FASHIONCOLOR officially resumed work on FEB. 24, 2020

# COVID-19 epidemic situation has gradually improved, and we have officially ushered in the day of resumption of work.

On FEB. 24, 2020, FASHIONCOLOR officially resumed work!
Compared to any year in the past, this year is extraordinary and extraordinary.
The entire Chinese economy has been stalled for almost a month. Fortunately, we are back!

At present, our logistics has gradually resumed, and it is expected to fully return to normal this week.
Our production department is gradually recovering, and normal production and delivery are expected to resume next week.
Orders that were not shipped years ago will be shipped one after another this week.

Our sales staff will notify every customer as soon as possible, and we will deeply apologize for the trouble caused to you.

In the new year, FASHIONCOLOR will continue to provide you with high-quality inkjet printing supplies and professional inkjet printing solutions.


Contact: Dustin CHAN

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Tel: +86- 25- 58111266


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