FASHIONCOLOR TECH. series website adjustment notice

At the end of the year, FASHIONCOLOR TECH. has also extensively updated all its websites, added many features, and fixed many errors.

Special thanks to customers in Jakarta, Indonesia for the modification of the PLATE MAKING FILM site, and thanks to Indian customers for the medical film Suggestions for the modification of the website video, thanks to the Romanian customers for the modification of the inkjet canvas site and the adjustment of the MATTE CANVAS column.

After adjustment, the current websites of FASHIONCOLOR are as follows:
FASHIONCOLOR main best-selling product inkjet plate making film and related solutions.

medical film site:
FASHIONCOLOR independented developed medical film and related solutions suitable for inkjet and laser printing.


inkjet canvas station:
FASHIONCOLOR matte and high-gloss canvases are suitable for different printing solutions.


The new year is approaching, FASHIONCOLOR is willing to continue to grow with all customers and will continue to provide the best quality products and services to global partners!


Contact: Dustin CHAN

Phone: +86- 18651858266

Tel: +86- 25- 58111266


Add: Block C, National Science Park of Southeast University (SEUSP), Nanjing, 210061, China P.R.