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On Senior Day, hoops player sees special guest

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Meghan Boyle

Some of my favorite stories are ones in which the central characters are unwittingly involved.

Take Meghan Boyle, a senior at Albright College, in Reading, Pa., which plays in the Commonwealth Conference against schools such as Alvernia University and Lycoming College.

A four-year starter, Boyle’s listed as a 6-foot forward/ center. Click here for her bio.

meghan boyle headshot

Recently, Boyle was honored on Senior Night – and she the last one for a reason.

One of the priceless moments is at 20 seconds, when her father starts to reach for her flowers. She looks puzzled and clearly doesn’t want to give them up.

But moments later, Boyle sprints toward the opposite end of the court… toward her brother, Army specialist William Boyle, who had been serving in Afghanistan for the past year.

Only the Doyles and their daughter’s coach, Janice Luck, knew that waiting just outside the gymnasium doors was Boyle’s brother, William Boyle, who has spent the past year deployed in Afghanistan as a specialist with the U.S. Army.

“It was very emotional,” Albright coach Janice Luck told ABC News.  “No one knew.  Everyone was standing and crying.  Even the visiting team was crying.”

I don’t want to ruin the rest. Just watch the footage for yourself.

Photo Credit: Mass Live, Albright College

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