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Philippines Thinking 2024 Olympics

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Just a couple of months ago, the Philippines were ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan, with 3,500 people dying.

Forty-four provinces, 536 municipalities and 55 cities were affected by the disaster. It will take years for certain places like Tacloban City to fully recover.

Despite the uphill battle, the resiliency of the country is starting to show. Manila, the Philippines’ capital city and home to over 1.6 million people, is even taking it a step further.

Manila is in the process of taking a run at the 2024 Olympics. Organizations throughout the country are already stating the case and websites are up and running for a potential bid. Manila was just north of the Typhoon disaster and the city was only hit with rain and strong winds.

Many people might believe the country is ill-prepared to be a host city, especially after the typhoon. The Philippines have never hosted an Olympics, and economically the Olympics might not work for the country. However, former Paranaque Representative Roilo Golez disagreed.

“Let us all dream big, really big,” Golez told media members. “I propose we prepare to bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.”

Golez, a former boxer, believes hosting the Olympics will boost the Philippines economy, much like it did for South Korea when it hosted the 1988 Olympics. Thirty years later and South Korea will now be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“It’s not an impossible dream, “added Golez, about being the host city.

The Philippines are one of the first countries to make a strong push for the 2024 Olympics. Bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympics is still very much in the initiation stages. It’s expected that the United States and Spain will also make bids. Bidding for the host city will officially start in 2015, and a winner will be announced by the International Olympic Committee in 2017.

It might be unlikely for the Philippines to win the 2024 bid. Other nominees will probably be a better fit, but the IOC should give the country strong consideration. Economically, the country is still developing, and the typhoon has set back many areas. However, the Olympics are known for generating an economic boost for hosting countries. Being that it’s a country fresh off of a disaster, it will gives their citizens hope and optimism for the future.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (2016) and Tokyo, Japan (2020) will host the next two Summer Olympics.

Sources: Game Bids, CNN

Photo Source: Stic Travel

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